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Scott Carpenter

Contact: scott@scottmoto.com

Scott has been featured in several roadracing magazines. Look for articles about him at your magazine racks or through your subscriptions to roadracing publications. You can also catch up with Scott at motocross races and events.


PrivateerProfile: RoadRacerx
“Welcome to Privateer Profile, a new Road Racer X feature. The purpose of this section is to give a shout-out to the lunchbox crowd—privateers are the backbone of American road racing—while keeping our readers entertained. First up is Scott Carpenter, a veteran privateer who we figured was the perfect guy to kick off this feature. We noticed him hobbling around the pits at the AMA Superbike finale in Virginia last weekend and flagged him down.”

Article 2004
Complete Article at: PrivateerProfile: RoadRacerx


Scott Carpenter: Professional Motorcycle Racer
"RALEIGH  -- There is no fear in racing – just respect and knowing your limits.  The focus is to control your mind and body.  "We (racers) are all control freaks," says Scott Carpenter.  "When we are one with our bikes, we are in control."  Carpenter is a professional racer – a motorcycle roadracing veteran whose skills and abilities to maneuver his race bike through curves, turns and around other racers at high speeds absolutely beguile any enthusiasts. Fast doesn't only describe a motorcycle race. Spectacular."

Correspondent Article 2005
Complete Article at: Article2005

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